Adult Only Martial Arts Classes in Houston Texas!

Our focus is adult martial arts; we only teach adults. In our classes students train alongside other adults who want to develop their self-discipline, gain a greater awareness of their bodies and minds, and learn how to stand their ground in a fight.  We teach real-world, practical martial arts techniques that actually work.

Our training gives students a sense of accomplishment in the way that it changes their bodies and minds; not by passing tests or exams.  We focus primarily on training the fist and as a direct result of this training students quickly become stronger, more balanced, and more focused in all aspects of their lives.

Our Adult Martial Arts classes focus on three main areas: conditioning, technique refinement, and fighting applications.  Through repetition we program our bodies to respond automatically and subconsciously to incoming threats. The result is Martial Arts that actually works when you need it.

Our school's roots trace back to the Shaolin Temple; from teacher to student our Program has been carefully handed down, generation to generation.

About Our Martial Art

Ving Tsun is an efficient and highly effective system of self-defense in which a student can become competent in a relatively short time. Originally developed in southern China, Ving Tsun is a traditional martial art, yet its unique training methods and principles make it ideal for the modern world. Ving Tsun's specialty is close contact combat, using quick punches and kicks with simultaneous defense. The student must learn to deliver the correct amount of energy, while staying relaxed whenever possible. Ving Tsun training develops proper body structure, posture, and reflexes based on centerline theory rather than relying on physical strength alone, allowing smaller people to overcome bigger stronger opponents. 

Our Academy is ideal for anyone because our instruction uses natural movements and requires no previous knowledge in martial arts. Every student is taught as an individual with regard to their degree of knowledge, natural ability, personal habits and interests. We personalize instruction by making each student’s progress depend upon their own habits and willingness to succeed. Our students develop a new feeling for their body and an awareness of their inherent strength. Confidence is heightened and a deeper sense of self-awareness is attained through 2-person training. 

Basic Concepts


economy of motion

appropriate use of tension and relaxation

balance and neutrality

structural integrity and mobility

controlling distance

controlled application of force

simultaneous attack and defense