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By Nic Bartell | November 15, 2017

We all know know that we need to take care of ourselves

There are countless articles and tv shows telling us how often we should be working out or how we should be eating. Most of us make some attempt to do what we know we are supposed to, but let’s face it the hardest part is sticking to any regimen that is based on doing something that you aren’t really interested in in the first place. We all know that the key to long term physical and mental success is participating in activities that are both good for us physically, emotionally, spiritually, and financially and are aligned with our true interests. When we are engaged in what we do we are able to apply ourselves in a much more meaningful way. Sticking to a program is easy when it resonates with our natural and innate interests.

The solution is engagement

We all need engagement in different areas of our lives to really develop and care for the various parts of us in a balanced way. Some of us need activities to de-stress, while others are looking for a way to develop self control. Luckily there are many activities out there to address the various needs that we have to achieve overall balance and health, but the problem that most of us face is having the time in our busy schedules to do all of these things. So we are all faced with finding the few activities that address as many of our individual needs as possible. This is no easy task and how do you even know where to begin?

Do something interesting like Ving Tsun

Most of us hear about activities like meditation, yoga, tai chi, CrossFit, or cardio kickboxing, but what else is out there? The good news is that there are many choices, but I’m writing this article to tell people about another option which is called Ving Tsun. Ving Tsun is a Chinese martial art that has been around for hundreds of years and is particularly well suited for adult practitioners. The system is taught in a series of exercises that build in a logical fashion; the drills are practical and make sense. Particular attention is given to good posture and structure and most importantly the movements performed build strength, relaxation, and balance. Because you are learning a practical skill, staying interested is easy.

About our School

The environment in our school is quiet; you won’t hear any yelling and it doesn’t feel like you are in a gym. Students train in comfortable clothing along side other adults and don’t have to wear a bunch of uncomfortable protective equipment. There are no competitions and no belts, just other adults diligently working on developing themselves.

Ving Tsun is perfect for anyone looking for the following

  • Interesting workouts
  • Fun exercise
  • How to relax de-stress
  • Balance improvement
  • Strength training
  • Self Confidence
  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Self control
  • Self discipline
  • Improve focus and clarity
  • Live longer
  • Assertiveness
  • Worry less
  • Ways to Calm oneself
  • Improved posture
  • Longevity

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